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Our Yoga Mamas blog is just for our East Side Yoga Mama community. Our expert teacher team will post tips, advice, and answers to your questions on both Prenatal and Postnatal topics.

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a Postnatal blog on the Cure for Hunched Shoulders. Well, what about helping out your rounded shoulders while you’re pregnant?


Rounded/hunched shoulders are common durin...

Pregnancy comes with so many beautiful sensations, like feeling the baby kick, hormone highs, great skin and hair. And some not so great ones, like constipation. Let’s be real, it’s not that glamorous...

Your body does AMAZING thing during pregnancy in order to accommodate a growing baby. One of the things your body does is to temporarily displace your organs to make room for a growing uterus and baby...

August 19, 2015

As your pregnancy develops & your baby grows, the more elusive restorative sleep can seem. It becomes extra important to use props such as pillows, bolsters & blankets to ensure comfort overnight & lo...

Have you ever scared your partner half-to-death in the middle of the night, when you wake up in pain from a super-intense calf cramp? Calf cramps are really common during pregnancy (unfortunately), an...

I've been hearing from a lot of my prenatal mamas about how hot it is, and how sluggish they feel. It's been ridiculously hot so far this summer, and while dehydration isn't good for our bodies in reg...


Unlike regular yoga classes, prenatal yoga classes begin with 10 minutes or so of informal introductions & time to talk with each other in a community circle. Sometimes moms have been sitting all day...


You can be a Yoga Mama AND a Ninja: A How-To for Ninja Roll


Legs Up the Wall is a great pose for final relaxation at the end of any yoga class, and especially for Prenatal Yoga.


Usually, the mamas l...


There's a common misconception in our community that prenatal yoga classes are nothing more than a nice, relaxing stretch. At East Side Yoga, we're proud of the fact that our prenatal classes offer o...

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November 13, 2015

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