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Our Yoga Mamas blog is just for our East Side Yoga Mama community. Our expert teacher team will post tips, advice, and answers to your questions on both Prenatal and Postnatal topics.

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A client asked me this week how she could possibly practice for labor. It's this great unknown that people compare to a marathon, yet a marathon involves months, maybe years of training. How can we go...




When I was a new doula talking to my clients at our first prenatal meetings, I used to ask them what they imagine their ideal birth would look like. The problem is, a first time mom may not know w...

Have we driven it home enough yet that we love shoulder openers for pregnancy and postpartum? Between the added weight, the reshaping of your spine, breastfeeding and lugging around a diaper bag, shou...

In yoga, one of the first things we’re taught is about the mind-body connection; that thoughts and feelings affect our physical bodies and vice versa. To me, never is this connection more obvious than...

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November 13, 2015

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