To Twist or Not To Twist?



When you first hear the yoga poses that are contraindicated for pregnancy it can seam daunting. Many teachers will tell you no twists, no backbends, no deep folds, no laying on your belly, which can make you feel that you're limited to nothing but standing poses for the next nine months. But, if you come to our prenatal classes, you'll notice that we safely encorporate varriations on these poses so you're not missing a full body workout just because of an added belly. I'm going to post here a series showing common modifications for these pregnancy no-goes, starting today with twists.


Yes, once you're in maternity pants and strangers are coming up to rub your belly your days of deep twists are over for the time being. But beautiful open twists can do great things for a sore back, sluggish digestion, and even fatigue. Here are some tips to keep you safely twisting the night away.


1. Turn your belly towards open space, not into your legs.

When we say an "open" twist, we mean twisting away from your legs, in a way that gives your belly free range of movement. So, say see you later to ardhamatseyandrasana, and welcome into your practice baradvaja's twist


2. Keep your legs wide if you can.

This is another way to create space and make you more comfortable. A great way to practice this is to take a gentle twist in easy pose. My favorite way is to twist in wide legged forward fold. Keeping one hand on a block or the floor, twist gently open, reaching the other arm to the sky.


3. Don't push it.

It's generally good practice to never force a yoga pose, but even more important in twists and during pregnancy. Don't ever use your arms to pull yourself deeper into a pose. Use your back and your abs (softly!) to twist as far as they will let you.


Do you miss twists? Are these tips helpful for getting you moving again? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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November 13, 2015

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