The Five Pose Practice Solution


Some days it's just hard to get to the mat to practice. For any of us. Add to that first trimester fatigue, second trimester belly awkwardness, or third trimester weight gain, the idea of all that work can be daunting. But what's the one thing almost all my students say after an awesome prenatal class?


"I'm so glad I came!"


And you know why that is. Yoga asana practice leaves you feeling rested and enegized, decreases your aches and pains, and gives you the support of our great Yoga Mama community. But with class once a week, what can you do to motivate yourself to practice the rest of the time? Simplify, cut yourself some slack, and try the five pose practice.


When you commit to practicing just five poses, you set an attainable goal. The more successes you have, the more you're motivated to continue as well. Magically, on some days when you didn't think you could even manage one down dog, you'll find your practice growing and continuing to blossom. And you'll have more energy to make it to class on the weekend!


Here are two sequences to get you started.


Mountain pose 

Wide legged forward fold

Warrior 2


Child's Pose


Easy pose


Low Lunge

High Lunge

Leg's up the Wall



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November 13, 2015

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