Yay! More Shoulder Openers!

Have we driven it home enough yet that we love shoulder openers for pregnancy and postpartum? Between the added weight, the reshaping of your spine, breastfeeding and lugging around a diaper bag, shoulders just get shore. Add to that the fact that we are heading into colder weather when we naturally start hunching to keep warm, and we can create some serious tightness. Since old poses like wheel or even down dog might not be comfortable or safe at this point, you need as many different ways to access some heart openers as possible. Plus, I love to give you poses you can do off the mat and at your desk or home. So here’s one more.


Stand facing the wall, belly almost touching, and extend your arm out so you hand is in line with your shoulder.


Next, leaving your hand where it is, turn your torso away from the wall.



If you want more of a stretch, bring your arm to a right angle.



Voila! Tension released, shoulders softened.


What are your favorite heart openers? What poses do you miss that we can modify or give you replacements for? Let us know!


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November 13, 2015

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