Supported Child's Pose for Pregnancy and Labor

Some days, you need squats, and some days you just need a child’s pose. After an intense week, restorative yoga poses can help you rest and replenish your energy stores for a fun weekend. But somewhere around six months, you may find poses that used to be restful are now a little awkward or uncomfortable. One such pose can be child’s pose. But have no fear! With a few props and alignment cues, child’s pose can once again be a standard part of your restorative practice.


Start by collecting some blankets, bolsters, or longer bed pillows.  If you are using blankets, fold them into long rectangles, not short squares. Keep your props closeby as you come down to your mat.


Begin the pose by kneeling with toes together and knees wide apart, bum off your feet. Place your prop on top of your calves, as close to the fold of your knees as possible.


Now sit back, bringing your bum to the prop and your hands to the mat in front of you. Your hips will still be fairly high over your knees. It should feel similar to traditional child’s pose, but with a lot more room for your belly.




In addition to using in pregnancy, this pose can be used during labor. Sometimes called “knees to chest” pose, this is the pose to take in case of the rare emergency of cord prolapse (when your water breaks and the baby's umbilical cord falls through the cervix.) Your doula or care provider may also recommend trying to rest in this position during a slow to start labor that is keeping you up at night.


Treat yourself to a supported child’s pose tonight and enjoy the energy boost it gives you all weekend!


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November 13, 2015

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