Prenatal Yoga: Breathe Easier During Pregnancy

Your body does AMAZING thing during pregnancy in order to accommodate a growing baby. One of the things your body does is to temporarily displace your organs to make room for a growing uterus and baby. That's right, I said organ displacement.


If your organs end up rearranging themselves, sometimes they begin to push up into the lungs, causing breathlessness. This is common in the second trimester and can continue until baby drops in the week or so before birth.


If you've wondered why you are so out of breath after walking a block, or even walking down a staircase, this is likely the reason why!


While we can't fix organ displacement in Prenatal Yoga, we can try and help provide you with some temporary respite from the discomfort of organs pushing up into your lungs, causing breathlessness.


Lateral work can help create space in the side, allowing you to breathe easier into the lungs and can help lengthen the sides of the body, providing temporary relief.


Here are two different poses that I teach to help provide some relief - Lateral Stretch and Triangle. They are two poses you can do at the studio and at home!



See you in class!






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November 13, 2015

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