Prenatal Yoga: Resting Smart

August 19, 2015

As your pregnancy develops & your baby grows, the more elusive restorative sleep can seem. It becomes extra important to use props such as pillows, bolsters & blankets to ensure comfort overnight & long-term. The image below demonstrates a pose that can help you get more comfortable periods of sleep between bathroom breaks & other demands. 

We call this pose "side savasana" in yoga because it is also a wonderful way to set up for the final resting pose at the end of your prenatal yoga practice. This pose encourages optimal fetal positioning & maternal posture by keeping the shoulders & hips open & aligned, while distributing your & baby's weight evenly throughout the side body. In the doula world, we refer to this position as "resting smart" because it is so helpful for women during labor when they need to rest or after getting an epidural.


You’ll need:

  • a pillow or folded blanket to support your head

  • a firm bolster or stack of folded blankets or 2 blocks

  • a pregnancy wedge or thinner blanket (optional)

Begin by sliding down onto your left side using your arms to support you as you lower your torso onto the floor. Lowering down sideways, rather than leaning back to come to the ground, greatly reduces the possibility of straining or pulling muscles in your back or hips. Using your pillow or blankets, support your head so the neck is in line with the rest of the spine. Straighten your bottom leg. Bend your top leg so the knee is about 90 degrees, resting it on the firm bolster or stack of blankets or blocks. Whichever props you use, make sure both your knee & ankle are supported. The props should be high enough to keep you from leaning backwards or twisting your upper body. Your hips should stack easily, one on top of the other. Allow your belly to hang forward, your bellybutton should be aiming slightly down, towards the floor. If you need extra support under your belly, use a thin blanket or a pregnancy wedge. Take slow, deep breaths with extra long exhales until you feel your body & mind start to relax. Allow your whole body to feel heavy & relaxed. Allow baby to just be. Stay for as long as is comfortable. Switch sides whenever you need to.


In class, we'll practice setting up for this pose to learn how to relax into it easily & completely. 


Hope to see you on your mat soon!

Be well,



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