Postnatal Yoga - Pelvic Floor Strengthening Pose #2



Not a lot of mamas realize that pelvic floor muscles are like a hammock, and wrap all around the backside of the body.


This means that there are many different ways to strengthen the pelvic floor beyond Kegels!


In my last Postnatal blog post, I described how to strengthen your pelvic floor in Bridge Pose.


One of my other favorite poses that I like to teach in my Postnatal classes is Baddha Konasana, or more commonly known as Butterfly Pose.



Pelvic Floor Strengthening in Baddha Konasana:


1. Sit tall on your mat and bring the soles of your feet to touch. Draw your knees down towards the earth.


2. SQUEEZE your feet together!


The squeeze of the soles of the feet activates the groin and pelvic floor muscles, and drawing your knees down to the ground activates the external rotator muscles, some of which are pelvic floor muscles.


#YogaMama Tip: The harder you squeeze, the more work your body will do. Remember to release the squeeze and relax your pelvic floor muscles afterwards.




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