Prenatal Dailies: Lunges

For our next Prenatal Daily pose, we’ll be looking at lunges. Lunges help open the front of the body to allow baby to move freely and helping to decrease pain in labor. Tight hip flexors can seize up in labor which is no fun.  


Listen to your body to determine which lunge is right for you and avoid overstretching. Begin by placing two blocks next to the front of your mat. Come to hand and knees in the center of your mat. (This would be a great time to do some cat and cow poses as well!). Place your right foot in between your hands and gently lean forward. You can bring your hands to your knee or above your head.





To increase the stretch, move your left foot back. This pose is good for opening.


If you are looking for more strength building, bring hands down to your blocks, tuck the left toes, and lift the left knee off the mat.




If you feel strong and balanced here and would like the final variation, lift hands off the blocks to above your head. When ready, slowly come down the same way you came up.







In labor, this pose will look a bit different. Place your foot on top of a sturdy and steady chair and sway back and forth. This posture is especially helpful for a baby who may be a little off center and is having trouble coming down.


Add this to your daily routine along with squats and sitting properly. You'll be feeling great and getting baby in a position that helps both of you have a smooth and successful labor!


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November 13, 2015

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