Yoga Nidra: Your Secret to Surviving the First Trimester

I have several friends who are very newly pregnant and there is one word that describes them all: exhausted.




The surge in hormones, the changes in your body, and the growing of an entire new human being can cause some pretty serious fatigue during the first trimester. While taking good care of yourself by hydrating, eating enough iron and protein, and exercising with a good prenatal yoga class help, I have found the practice that helps the most to be Yoga Nidra.



Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation. Usually you lie in savasna (final resting pose) while the teacher or guide reads a script to increase body awareness and bring you into a state of restful alertness, halfway between awake and asleep. While you might wake up from a nap feeling groggy and craving more, Yoga Nidra leaves you feeling rested and also rejuvenated and invigorated.



As you approach birth in your third trimester, Yoga Nidra can again become an integral part of your practice. It can help you cultivate the calm, focused, relaxation that is essential to an easier labor.



Lucky for all you pregnant mamas, East Side Yoga offers Yoga Nidra every Wednesday night at 8:15! Come for Prenatal Express at 6, go grab a bite to eat, and come back to get your relaxation on. Hope to see you there soon!


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November 13, 2015

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