Sitting Pretty: Posture for Comfort and for Baby



If you come to one of my prenatal classes (this Sunday at 2:30!) You will surely notice my love of props (blocks, blankets, etc) during class. While you might naturally grab for a prop for help through a difficult pose (say, half moon) you might not realize the difference props can make in the easiest of poses-easy pose!



It is really important in life generally, and during pregnancy specifically, to sit comfortably to avoid backaches and tight hips. 



If your hips float up or you feel a tightness in your inner hips as pictured below (ouch!), you will want to lift yourself up until you feel comfortable.



Proper alignment is to have hips higher than knees. (Ahhhhh, doesn't that feel better?)





To make your own comfortable thrown, try the configuration of blocks and blankets shown here: 






The block provides support and height and the blankets make everything a little softer and squishier, and make a little pillow for your ankles.



This is definitely a practice to take off the mat as well. Sitting in proper alignment helps avoid tightness that can keep baby from getting in a good position. The best way to sit is on a big, inflatable exercise ball. Just make sure it is blown up enough to avoid your hips sinking.



In a desk chair or other firm set up, the quickest way to feel better is just to scoot far enough towards the edge so that your knees slope down.



Try sitting pretty today and let us know how it feels! We'd love to see your pics or field your questions on our Facebook page too.


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November 13, 2015

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