Prenatal Yoga: What to Do About Calf Cramps?

Have you ever scared your partner half-to-death in the middle of the night, when you wake up in pain from a super-intense calf cramp? Calf cramps are really common during pregnancy (unfortunately), and the reason for them isn't widely known. 


Calf cramps are one of those pesky pregnancy discomforts, and here are some tips to help you out if you end up experiencing calf cramps during pregnancy:



  • Stay hydrated.

  • Sometimes calf cramps are caused by a magnesium deficiency. A lot of mamas will eat a banana before bed, with the hopes of preventing calf cramps. There are also healthy foods that have a good amount of magnesium - avocados, and dark, leafy greens, to name a few. You can also talk to your provider about magnesium supplements.


  • Taking walks each day, or if you're relaxing after a long day, include some ankle circles and feet flexes in your time on the couch.

  • Stretch the calf as soon the cramp happens. If you're lying down/reclining, extend the heel out and flex the toes toward your shin. Another great alternative is the Calf Stretch that I teach in my yoga classes. Here it is step by step:


This wonderful calf stretch gets into the meaty part of the calf and is something great to do before bed, or while you are experiencing a calf cramp.


Look for this in your next Prenatal yoga class!





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