Prenatal Dailies: Squats

From time to time I'm going to bring you suggestions of poses to do daily during your pregnancy. All the poses in this series will:

  • keep you moving, which can help ease and prevent aches and pains

  • help you build strength and stamina for childbirth

  • familiarize you with some great labor positions

  • and most importantly, soften your muscles and ligaments in a way that encourages good fetal positioning, or getting the baby in a spot that makes it easiest to come out.

We're going to start today with everyone's favorite--squats! The earlier you can start squats in pregnancy the better. Continuously doing them as your belly gets bigger is much easier than trying them for the first time nine months in.


To begin, stand with feet as wide as your mat, toes point out. Bring hands to heart center and lower all the way down. 



If your heels are not grounded, place a folded blanket under them for support.







You can stay here as long as feels comfortable, or continue to go up and down to build more leg strength. As you do rest in squat, try to drop soften the low back and groin. Resist any urge to pull your knees closer together. Relax and open your shoulders, bringing shoulder blades together and moving your heart forward.


In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, specific benefits of squats are that they:

  • build leg strength

  • engage baby in the pelvis/help to move baby down during labor

  • are a great pushing position!

Be mindful while doing squats of your balance. It can't hurt to put a blanket behind you in case you drop onto your bum! Also, go slowly while moving up and down. Stop and rest if you feel dizzy or lightheaded at all.


Go ahead and give them a try today. And next time we see you in class be sure to tell us how they're going!




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