Postnatal Yoga: Moments of Rest


When sleep schedules get erratic, work lives get busy or a newborn joins a family, it can be really tough to get a good night's sleep. If getting 8 hours is not a realistic option, what are other ways you can recharge & feel well-rested?


Yes, you can come to yoga class! You can also take the tools we provide during class & continue to cultivate them in your own home. We all need to regularly carve out time to activate the body's relaxation response & let our nervous systems unwind, otherwise we will eventually suffer from fatigue, tension, digestive issues, emotional exhaustion, mood swings, etc. 


Fortunately, yoga teaches us how to access relaxation consciously for short periods at a time. Savasana teaches us how to let go of tension in the body & mind while remaining alert & aware. Practicing a restorative child's pose between strengthening warrior sequences in class helps us learn how to integrate periods of rest, meditation & conscious relaxation into our day-to-day between activities.


The more we practice these techniques, the better able we are at accessing deep states of relaxation in short amounts of time. Various studies show that even just 15-20 minutes a day of conscious relaxation can have a profound healing effect on the body & mind by strenghtening the immune system, preventing irregular heartbet, lowering levels of stress hormones & decreasing levels of anxiety while increasing feelings of gratitude & peace. 


Can you find pockets in your daily life where you can fit a few more minutes of relaxation practices? Share with us what quick relaxation rituals or practices work for you! 


Hope to see you in class soon!



Yoga Mamas Schedule


Prenatal Classes 

Wednesdays: 6pm (50-min) - *NOTE Time Change*

Sundays: 2:30pm (75-min)


Postnatal Classes

Sundays (Just for Mamas): 1:00pm (60-min)

Weekday Baby+Me: Coming Soon!


Walk-ins are always welcome, but if you'd like to sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot in class, click here!


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