Postnatal Yoga: The Importance of Waiting to Return to Activity


You’ve just had a baby. Maybe you’re a couple of weeks in, and you’re dying to get back into some activity. Or maybe you’re too exhausted to move, but you still feel like you have to start to get back “in shape.”


You may have noticed in the Postnatal Yoga description, that we ask you to be cleared by your midwife or OB at your 6 or 8-week postpartum check-up, to return to “normal activity.” There are good reasons for this!


No matter how badly you want to get back into what used to be your pre-baby regular activity, your body has just been through a major event – whether it was a vaginal birth or a Cesarean birth – and it’s time to listen and care for your body.


Cesarean births are major abdominal surgery, and recovery can be slow. Vaginal birth recovery can also be slow, especially if there is tearing or some lingering pelvic floor issues. If you experience a challenging recovery, physical activity may even scare you. Let your body and mind be your guide to determine when to return to any kind of activity.


Aside from physical recovery, having a newborn can be absolutely exhausting; from feedings every couple of hours, to changing loads of diapers, to trying to get baby to sleep, you are also trying to get some rest yourself.


The first 6-8 weeks of the “fourth trimester” are really about resting up as best as you can, and restoring your body. Not restoring your body back to its pre-pregnancy state, but to a healthy-enough place where gentle activity should feel good and your body feels ready for it.


Finding the time, however, is a whole other issue. ;-)


That’s why we scheduled the Postnatal Yoga class for Sundays from 1-2pm, which coincides with naptime in a lot of households. Yay!


Coming to East Side Yoga for Postnatal is the perfect amount of time to step out of the house and focus on you – both mind and body. The class focuses on restoring strength to the body in a variety of ways – holding yoga poses, working your core in a safe way (in case you have a diastasis), and restoring the pelvic floor muscles. There’s also time for luxurious chest openers and restorative savasana – final relaxation at the end of class.


Hope to see you soon in Postnatal Yoga!




Yoga Mamas Schedule


Prenatal Classes 

Wednesdays: 6pm (50-min) - *NOTE Time Change*

Sundays: 2:30pm (75-min)


Postnatal Classes

Sundays (Just for Mamas): 1:00pm (60-min)

Weekday Baby+Me: Coming Soon!


Walk-ins are always welcome, but if you'd like to sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot in class, click here!




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