Prenatal Yoga: The Ninja Roll



You can be a Yoga Mama AND a Ninja: A How-To for Ninja Roll


Legs Up the Wall is a great pose for final relaxation at the end of any yoga class, and especially for Prenatal Yoga.


Usually, the mamas look at me like I'm crazy when I mention Legs Up the Wall as an option; it's a look that usually says, "How am I going to get my pregnant body up to the wall?!?" Ninja Roll will make your journey to the wall SO much easier, - no more futzing around the entire time and completely missing out on Savasana!


Benefits of Ninja Roll


This pose is great because it's an inversion (when your heart is below the hips). Ninja Roll helps with:

  • Swollen legs/feet by draining fluids out of the legs;

  • Bringing additional nutrition in the form of oxygenated blood to you and baby; and,

  • Feeling even more zen through a release of endorphins while you are in the pose.


P.S. Baby gets a kick (sometimes literally!) out of you being upside down too, plus with a boost of fresh blood, baby throws a little dance party, turning all around!

Reasons why you may want to avoid Ninja Roll:


  • Nausea - Being upside-down and nauseous isn't fun for anyone; and,

  • Heartburn - Being upside-down can bring gastric acid back up the esophagus. Super uncomfortable for mamas!


Left-side-lying Savasana is a great alternative if you opt-out of Ninja Roll, and is always offered for your relaxation at the end of class.


I look forward to showing all of you East Side Yoga Mamas how to be a ninja in Prenatal Yoga!






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Postnatal Classes

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