Postnatal Yoga: Your Transverse Abs

When I talk about the importance of transverse abs in postnatal yoga classes, a lot of mamas look at me like I'm speaking a different language. Even though they play a vital role in postpartum recovery, many of us have never heard of the transverse abs!


The transverse abs are the deepest layers of abdominal muscles, wrapping around the torso horizontally from back to front. They are responsible for stabilizing the core, which is key for establishing functional strength so you don't hurt your back while carrying baby (& the 3 bags full of baby's items) on the way to your pediatrician appointment. 


Oftentimes, moms will try to recover strength in their core by doing exercises for the superficial abdominal muscles (such as the classic crunches) & are frustrated when months, sometimes even years, later they still feel like they are lacking in tone & are still experiencing discomfort. 


In postnatal yoga, we teach you how to connect & activate the transverse abs so you can experience a successfull postpartum recovery. By learning how to engage the transverse abs, moms slowly but surely regain stability in the torso & pelvis while developing good posture & healthy movement patterns that will relieve & prevent back pain. The icing on the cake? You'll be able to get back into those pre-pregnancy outfits much sooner too! 


Come visit East Side Yoga & let us provide you with guidance for achieving a successful postpartum recovery. 


With love, 



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