The Power of (Water) Infusions

April 20, 2015

Here at East Side Yoga, we like to offer our yogis a refreshing change of pace from the day to day. One of our favorite ways of doing so is by greeting everyone with a giant mason jar filled with infused water to enjoy before and after class!


If you haven't tried it yet, make sure to grab a cup the next time you visit. We change up the flavor every week or so; our favorite flavors so far have been Raspberry and Apple-Cinnamon!



Why infused water?


-  It can be really challenging for us to drink enough water throughout the day. Infusions offer a tasty and refreshing change of pace from regular water, while still giving you all the benefits of the plain stuff!

- You know the saying, an apple a day...


- Keeps your skin glowing and your muscles happy


- Counters dehydration


- If you're trying to kick a soda habit, the naturally sweet flavor of fruit-infused waters make a great soda replacement. 


- Makes you extra bend-y! Just kidding, we can't prove this one, but you know what does make you extra bend-y? A regular yoga practice!


When it comes to infused water, the possibilities are limitless! Here are a few concoctions to get you started making your own infused water:


- Strawberry & Basil

- Cucumber & Lemon

- Watermelon & Mint

- Apple & Cinnamon


Trying your own? We'd love for you to share your recipes! You can comment here or reach out to us via any of our social media platforms: we're @EastSideYogaDC (on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook).


Happy infusing!


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