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Our Perkville rewards program is a fun way to earn points for attending classes, workshops, referring friends, and sharing what you love about our community on Facebook and Twitter! Redeem your points for ESY Dollars that you can use towards any purchase at East Side Yoga, from retail goodies to ESY gift certificates to classes for your friends and family!

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Perkville integrates directly with MINDBODY, so each time you engage in a point-earning activity (like attending a class, or referring a friend who attends a class), you’ll automatically earn points. Once you earn enough points, you’ll redeem your rewards on Perkville and bring in the online or a printed voucher to claim your rewards at the studio.

How do I sign up?

After you take a class, you will receive an enrollment invitation email from Perkville automatically to the email address you use with East Side Yoga. You can also go to to create an account, just be sure to use the same email address we have on file for you at the studio! You earn points just for signing up!

How do I redeem my rewards?

Once you’ve earned enough points for a reward, sign in to your Perkville account. Click Redeem and select the reward you want. Show an ESY staff member your voucher via printout or phone to claim your reward. They will mark the reward as claimed and add the earned ESY Dollar reward to your MINDBODY account as a credit. Use the credit toward any purchase made at East Side Yoga!

How do I earn points for referring a friend?

Submit your friend’s email as a referral in Perkville. After your friend 1) creates a Perkville and MINDBODY account using the same email that you used to refer them and 2) make their first purchase at East Side Yoga, then you’ll automatically earn your referral points! If the email addresses don’t match, the system won’t recognize your referral.

How do I earn points for posting on Facebook or Twitter?

After you sign up, Perkville will prompt you to earn points by posting about your experience to Facebook and/or Twitter. When you receive your first prompt, follow the instructions to connect your Perkville account to your Facebook and/or Twitter account and start posting! You can only make Facebook and/or Twitter posts through your Perkville account in order to earn points.

I'm getting way too many emails from Perkville. How do I fix this?

You can edit your notifications in your Perkville account by going to Settings → Email.

earn points


$15 ESY Dollars (150 points)

$30 ESY Dollars (250 points)

$65 ESY Dollars (500 points)