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Part Time Manager (PTM)
  • 12 Hours (in studio)

  • Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm | 5:15-8:15pm (6 hours)

  • Monday 6:15-7:30am | 4:00-8:45pm (6 hours)

  • *Schedule is subject to change.

  • *PTM may be asked to work planned events/speciality classes scheduled outside of shift hours. If PTM chooses to do so, she/he will be compensated for those additional hours at the same hourly rate unless otherwise negotiated.

  • $13.50/hour

  • Unlimited Yoga Membership

general role responsibilities
  • Oversight of Studio Manager (Front Desk) Team

    • Ensure SMs are carrying out all duties properly

    • If SMs are not present to work their shifts, fill in as needed

    • Train new SMs as needed

  • Customer Service

    • Ensure that the ESY Customer Service standards are being met by all team members present and in every way possible.

      • Get to know our regulars.

      • Make sure all new clients feel welcome and comfortable.

    • Learn the MBO system at a higher level than our SMs so that you are prepared to address client questions/issues on the spot

  • General Studio Management

    • Bring in Mail/Deliveries and have SMs distribute throughout studio

    • Address staffing issues per ESY protocol

      • Late/No-Show Teachers or SMs

      • Report any issues with SMs or Teachers to Studio Director

    • Handle last-minute weekend schedule changes

      • (i.e. weather closings, moving rooftop classes indoors when needed, etc.)

  • Sales

    • Yoga & Memberships

      • Thoroughly understand our pricing structure

      • Guide clients through our sales process (You will be trained on this)

    • Retail

      • Know our retail inventory inside out

      • Answer client questions re: our retail inventory

  • Marketing/Social Media​

    • Skills and experience in these areas are not required, but are a major plus!

application instructions

If you’re interested in this position, please email with the following:

  • Paragraph stating:

    • Why you’re interested in the role

    • Why you think you’d be a good fit

    • How long you’ve been a member of the ESY community*

  • Resume

  • 2 References (at least one must be professional)

*If you’ve never visited ESY, please attend at least one class and make sure you feel we are a good fit for you before submitting an application. Make sure to introduce yourself to either Alia or Sarah while you’re in the studio!

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