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518 10th St. NE | washington, dc 20002 | 202.600.9860  |

w e l c o m e   t o   a   n e w   k i n d   o f   y o g a   s t u d i o .

self-care isn't selfish. it's sanity.
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w h a t   y o u ' l l   f e e l .
w h y  y o u ' l l  l o v e  u s .
l e s s   s t r e s s

your mind is like a computer. to function at its best, it needs to unplug and reboot. regularly. and just like your computer, you're probably not rebooting your mind often enough. let us help you fix that.

a l i g n m e n t
e d u c a t i o n

we don't just call out the names of poses; we offer practical, alignment-based cues (lots of them) to help you understand how to do each pose safely and correctly. 

we always give the reason why.

we understand that every body is unique, and so whether you're doing a pose correctly has a lot more with how it feels than how it looks. we offer hands-on assists to help you learn how the pose should feel in your body. 

you don't need to be flexible, strong, or have balance to start practicing yoga. we'll help you make all of that happen and more.


so you can't touch your toes? no worries, that's what we're here for.


still struggling with that headstand? we'll get you there, safely and with control.

m o r e   f i t

infused water. fresh fruit. chocolate. (always). a spa-like space filled with warm wood, fairy lights, and vintage touches. at ESY, your experience is about so much more than just what happens on the mat. 

y o u r   r e t r e a t
s a n i t y  +  s e r e n i t y

we skip the hippie-dippie stuff. we teach the spiritual without getting religious, so everyone feels comfortable with our practice. self-care. compassion. patience. letting go of what's holding you back. and most importantly: how to work it all into your everyday life.

o u r   r o o f t o p

feel the sunshine on your face as you practice amidst a lush garden full of herbs, tall grasses, and flowers. 


the sounds of the city fade into the background as the breeze whispers by.


come experience for yourself why we are so proud to be home to dc's first rooftop yoga studio.

i'm a recovering-attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and after a long and winding journey, i am incredibly grateful to be living my dream life. i practiced for nearly five years as a big law associate before jumping ship to build a career that truly suits my strengths and passions, and 2 years - and a few other careers - later, east side yoga was born!


i've been practicing yoga since 2008, and i'll be perfectly frank: my journey as a student involved sifting through a lot of hippie-dippie nonsense to get down to the really powerful stuff that makes yoga worth doing. it also involved ignoring all of the intimidating, unrealistic images of "yoga" flooding social media and building a practice that truly suited my needs. 


i began teaching yoga because i knew i couldn't be the only person who craved a practical, secular, alignment-focused flow practice that wasn't all about seeing how far i could push my body. my mission is to bring yoga to people who think it isn't for them, or who've tried but didn't like it because they were either freaked out by the religious stuff or felt intimidated, rather than welcomed, by the other folks in the studio.

i opened east side yoga to share my version of the yoga practice with people who i think will appreciate it too. from the moment you walk in, you'll notice that we do things a little bit differently from other yoga studios. and i think you're going to like it.  

Hi! I'm Alia. 
Welcome to my studio. I'm thrilled you're here!

I'd love to chat with you about your goals and how we can best help you achieve them! Use this link to book a 20-minute chat with me, either on the phone or in-person, whatever's most convenient for you:

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