Frequently Asked Questions

new to east side yoga

What style of yoga do you offer?

Our classes are in the Vinyasa and Yin flow style. In Vinyasa yoga, we connect each movement to the breath to help create a more meditative experience on the mat. Yin yoga is a restorative and therapeutic practice in which you hold seated and supine poses for extended periods of time. We offer a wide variety of class levels, so there’s something for everyone and every body - from brand new beginners to lifelong yogis! For more details on the various classes we offer, click here.

Where are you located?

The studio is in NE DC, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood at 518 10th St. NE, 2nd floor (10th NE between F St. NE and Maryland Ave NE). We’re located above 10th Street Auto Repair in the big gray building.

Is there parking nearby?

It is a residential neighborhood, so there is ample street parking. Our parking lot is available for client use when the garage is closed (evenings, weekends, and early mornings).

Where can I find your schedule?

From any page on our website, click the “Schedule” tab in the menu at the top of the page. This will take you to our MINDBODY site, where you can see our full schedule and sign up for classes. You can also just click here!

What are your prices?

Click here to see our full pricing list!

What forms of payment do you accept?

For security reasons, we are a cash-less studio. We do accept all major credit cards, and are happy to keep your card on file to make future purchases convenient

How do I check in for class?

Before entering the practice space for class, please stop by the front desk and check in with our team by giving them your full name.

What do I need for class?

We recommend you dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat and water bottle. If you tend to get sweaty when you practice, you may find a towel useful to help prevent your hands and/or feet from slipping. If you don’t have a mat, you are welcome to rent one of ours for $2.

What does the studio provide?

We have blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters that you’re welcome to use during class. We always offer infused water, fruit and chocolate. Please help yourself before and after class. If you need a mat, you can rent one for $2!

Do you provide mats or do I need to bring my own?

While it’s always best to use your own mat if possible, we do provide high-quality mats for a small fee of $2 per rental. Remember, we are a cash-less studio, so we’ll need to charge the rental to a credit card.

Do you have a restroom?


Do you have changing rooms?


Do you have showers?


Do you provide mat storage?

Yes! Mat storage is free for Unlimited 12-Month Members; otherwise, you’re welcome to rent a mat cubby from us for $20 per month. Space is limited, so mat storage is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Is there somewhere I can store my things during class?

Yes! We have coat hooks in the hallway and storage cubes in the lobby as well as in the interior studio. We recommend you leave valuables at home, but if you bring any with you please bring them into the practice space with you.

Where do I keep my shoes?

Our interior studio and massage studio are the only two “shoe-free” spaces. You can leave your shoes in one of the cubbies in the lobby or out in the hallway if the lobby cubbies are full. If you are attending a rooftop class, please leave shoes indoors or on the wooden deck. If shoes are kept in the practice space, your teacher is likely to trip over them!

How do I set up in the practice spaces?

In the interior studio, you will set your mat up facing the farm-style door (not the French doors). Please be sure to line the front of your mat up with one of the vertical blue lines on the baseboard so that the rows are even and we have enough space in the studio for everyone! If you’re taking a rooftop class, you’ll set your mat up on the rubber tiles, facing the curtains.

When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early for class so you can get settled.

Do you allow latecomers?

If you arrive late, we’ll let you in after centering, but no later than 15 minutes after class begins. The centering rule is so that clients are not disrupted during that initial period of stillness, and the 15 minute rule is for your own safety - it just isn’t safe to join the practice that long after it has begun.

What is centering?

We begin each class at ESY with a period of Centering, where you find stillness in a comfortable pose and bring awareness to your breath. This important part of class gives you an opportunity to transition away from your busy day and its accompanying thoughts, and to check in with what your body needs for today’s practice before you begin moving.

What is the right class for me?

It depends on your level of experience and how you’re feeling today!
East Side Yoga has a number of different class offerings to meet the diverse needs of our Yogis. We also feature regular workshop-style MasterClasses that allow you to dive deeper into your practice, so be sure to check out what’s coming up next! New to Yoga? We recommend that beginner yogis start with our Relaxed Flow classes before working their way up to their level of comfort. For more tips for new yogis, click here! Looking for a slower paced class with lots of relaxing poses and great stretching? Check out our Relaxed Flow classes. Looking to sweat and challenge yourself? Energetic Flow is a great option. Want a balanced practice that features both relaxing and energizing sequences? Our Sunrise Flow, and Moderate Flow classes will provide both. For a slower, more alignment-focused practice that is still a challenge, check out our Slow & Sweaty Flow. Need to slow way down and focus on relaxing your body and mind? Candlelight Restorative yoga (Sundays at 7) is for you! Are you pregnant? While you are still welcome to take any of our classes that you’re comfortable modifying, our Prenatal Yoga is designed specifically for pregnant bodies and is a great opportunity to build community with other mamas-to-be!
To all our male yogis, check out our monthly Broga class! The main goal of this class is to help encourage more men to give yoga a try, and dispel the common misconception that yoga is somehow better for women. It’s just as beneficial for men! We focus more on common issues faced by male bodies (like chest, shoulder, & hip flexibility) AND on things that male bodies tend to take to more easily (arm balances & inversions). If you’re a guy looking to give yoga a try and would prefer not to be surrounded by spandex-clad ladies as you get started, this is the class for you!

What if I signed up, but am unable to make it to class?

We understand you may not always be able to make it to a class you have reserved. There is no fee for cancellation and you do not need to let us know that you can’t make it. If you don’t show up, we simply cancel you out of the class and you will not be charged.

I need a yoga mat! Where’s the best place to buy one?

Our boutique shop! Rental mats are the same as the mats we have for sale in the studio and are the best on the market! If you want to purchase a mat, we recommend you rent one first and give it a try before making the investment.

If I become a Member, can I freeze my membership for vacation or an injury?

Yes! It’s a $10 fee to apply a freeze. (The fee is waived for medical freezes, including pregnancy freezes!) Email to freeze your account.

How do I upgrade my membership?

We can upgrade for you at any time! Email with your request and we’d be happy to take care of that for you.

How do I downgrade or cancel my membership?

To cancel or downgrade a membership, email Changes will take effect as of your next billing date; we do not offer pro-rated refunds.

new to yoga

What is the right class for me?

We recommend that new yogis start with our Relaxed Flow classes. If you’re brand new to yoga, we also recommend one-on-one private sessions. But we understand that that’s not in everyone’s budget, so our Foundations of Flow Workshop is a great budget-friendly alternative. For Privates and Workshops, email

What do I need to bring to class?

For each class you’ll need a mat (you can rent one from us for $2 if you don’t have one) and we recommend you bring a water bottle and a towel if you get sweaty.

What should I wear?

We recommend you dress comfortably and wear clothes that allow your body to move. Typically, stretchy pants, workout tops, athletic shorts and well-fitted t-shirts are great for yoga.

Do you provide mats?

We recommend you bring your own mat. If you don’t have your own, we have mats available to rent for $2. Rental mats are the same as the mats we have for sale in the studio and are the best on the market! If you want to purchase a mat, we recommend you rent one and give it a try before making the investment. We have two different styles of mat available both for rent and for sale, so you can figure out which is the best fit for you before you buy!

Why do I have to leave my shoes outside of the room?

The interior studio and massage studio are shoe-free zones because we want keep the floors as clean as possible. This is also a nod to the Indian custom of removing one’s shoes before entering a home, holy place, or any place of importance, out of respect for the space.

Can I wear socks when I practice?

We recommend you take off your socks to reduce slipping and sliding during the practice.

Can I bring water into the studio?

Yes! Feel free to keep some water next to your mat while you practice and pause for water breaks whenever you need to! If you need to step out for water or to use the restroom during class, you are of course welcome to do so at any time.

Where should I set up my mat?

Inside the studio, there are blue vertical lines on the baseboard. Please line the front of your mat up with one of those so the rows are even. The farm door at the far end of the studio is the “front” of the room. We recommend that you practice towards the back of the room for at least your first couple of classes. That way it’s really easy for you to look around and see what everyone else is doing if you’re unsure of what’s going on - and feel free to look around as often as you need to, no one minds! Our teachers don’t demo much, as they are usually walking around offering hands-on assists, which is why it’s useful to be able to see what the other students are doing.

What are these blocks, blankets & straps for?

Yoga props help keep proper form and alignment and make certain poses easier. For each class, we always recommend 2 blocks and a blanket. Some teachers recommend using a strap, depending on the class. Don’t worry, if you have no idea what to do with them, the teacher will fill you in.

Why is everyone quiet at the beginning of class?

We begin each class at ESY with a few minutes of Centering, where you find stillness in a comfortable pose and bring awareness to your breath. This important part of class gives you an opportunity to transition away from your busy day and its accompanying thoughts, and to check in with what your body needs for today’s practice before you begin moving.

Why is everyone lying down at the end?

Savasana, or Corpse Pose, occurs at the end of the practice as a way to come back to your intention set at the beginning of class and to bring awareness to how your body feels now that class is ending. It is meant to be a relaxing pose to conclude your practice.


What makes East Side Yoga different from other yoga studios?

East Side Yoga offers a serene and comforting Farmhouse-Spa-Chic style retreat from your daily life. We put effort and care into your overall experience through our design, our playlists, and the treats we offer you before and after class. A visit to East Side Yoga is a mini-retreat that you can treat yourself to every day!
We welcome all body types and levels of experience. Yoga is for everyone and meets you right where you are. We foster community through our events and our lobby lounge and rooftop deck where people can mingle before and after class. We take a modern approach to ancient wisdom, translating centuries-old teachings into present-day language and anecdotes that you can relate to, offering a practice that is powerful & transformative yet completely aligned with your day-to-day life. We believe that in order to fully tap into the benefits that your yoga practice has to offer you, you really need to understand *why* you’re being asked to do the things you’re being asked to do. To read more about our Mission and Philosophy, click here.

Why do you say “Namaste” at the end of class? What does it mean?

Namaste is common greeting used by Indian people; while it is commonly used by Hindu people, it has no specific religious meaning. It simply means: “I bow to you”. We say it at the end of a class to honor ourselves for coming to the mat, our neighbors for sharing their practice with us, and the roots of the yoga practice.

Do you sell retail products?

Yes! We sell yoga equipment (mats, straps, mat carriers, blocks, towels, etc.). We also carry our founder Alia’s line of natural, handmade self-made products: Sanctuary. The line includes a variety of candles, bath soaks, sugar scrubs, hydrating mists, lip balm, and reed diffuser kits. Our boutique hours are on Sunday-Friday 6pm-8:30pm and Saturday & Sunday 10am-12:30pm. Email to find out more.

Can I rent the studio for an event?

It depends on the event! Email to find out more.