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  1. Sign up for your class of choice via MBO at least 30 minutes before class starts.

  2. You will be emailed a link to join class at least 10 minutes before class starts. 

  3. If it's you're first time using Zoom, you'll be prompted to download it when you click the link. It's a quick and easy download, but be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes if it's your first time!

Need More Yoga During the Quarantine?

Check Out Our New Online Unlimited Pass Option!


Currently, you're able to use your Memberships to sign up for Online Classes just like you did in-studio classes. New Clients can still do the 2-Week Unlimited Deal, and Non-Members can purchase class packs or Drop-Ins.


But given these unique circumstances, we wanted to add some special pricing options to make it easier for everyone to practice with us virtually as much as they want to!


  • New Pricing for Online Drop-ins is $20.

  • NEW! Online Unlimited 1-Month Pass: $99

    • Current Members who wish to purchase the 1-month Virtual Unlimited pass may freeze their Memberships and do so. (So if you have a limited level membership and want to bump up to unlimited while you're stuck at home, this is a great option for you!)


If you want to opt in to the Online Pass and make any freezes/upgrades, please make sure to email and we'll get you taken care of!


How Taking Online Classes with us Works


1. How to Sign Up and Get the Link for Class: In order to attend an Online Class with us, you MUST sign up for it at least 30 minutes ahead of time on MBO. This is the only way we will know to email you a link to the videoconference, which we will do 10-15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start.  If you register after the 30 minute mark passes, you will not be able to join the class.


2. Tech Logistics: You do not need a Zoom account to take class, but you DO need to download Zoom onto your device. The first time you click on a link to join one of our Zoom meetings, you will be prompted to download the program, so be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes to get set up before your first Online Class with us!


3. Please Bear With Us: There will almost certainly be some technical hiccups as we all get familiar with this new technology and way of teaching. Thank you in advance for your patience as we get our Online Studio up and running smoothly!


4. Need to Pick Up Your Mat from the Studio? Email us at and we'll get you taken care of!


5. Need props? Check out our recommendations, complete with purchase links, here!

  • AUDIO SETTINGS: Once the class gets started, please make sure your audio is MUTED. When you first log in, feel free to chitchat with the teacher and other students if you’d like! Hover over the bottom left corner of your screen to Mute/Unmute. 

  • VIDEO SETTINGS: If you’re comfortable, please keep your video turned ON. Hover over the bottom left corner of your screen to turn video on/off. This is very helpful to us teachers - you’d be surprised how hard it is to teach when there are no bodies to look at! 

  • CHAT BOX: There is a chat box that you can use to communicate with the teacher during class if need be! We will do our best to keep an eye on the chat box throughout class. To access the chat, hover over the bottom of your screen and click on the word “Chat” near the middle.

  • PLAYLIST: Here’s a link to the playlist for this class! We haven’t found a good way to transmit the music via streaming, so instead, we invite you to play the playlist at home for yourself while you’re practicing. The teacher will tell you when to press play so you’re all synched up! I highly recommend that you use a second device to play your music, rather than the same one that you’re using for the videoconference. The ideal setup is if you have a Bluetooth speaker or similar at home; you can use your phone to play the music through the speaker, then use your computer to stream the class through Zoom!

  • PROPS: Need props? Alia has a list of recommendations along with purchase links on her website. In a pinch, you could use the following as substitutes:

    • Blanket: A bath towel or flat throw pillow.

    • Strap: A long belt, ideally fabric or knitted rather than leather. Robe belts work wonderfully!

    • Blocks: Thick books can work as a substitute.

  • FOR YIN CLASSES: Grab as many different-sized pillows as you can find!

  • FEEDBACK PLEASE!: We’re still new to this, and looking to improve however we can! I’d love for you to drop me a line after class if you have any feedback you’d like to share. Constructive AND positive feedback are both greatly appreciated!

  • SHARE THE LOVE!  Now that we’re online, there’s no limit to the number or location of people who can practice with us! If you have any friends or family who you think might enjoy practicing with us virtually, please share our website with them and encourage them to sign up!

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