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tatenda musapatike

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Tatenda first started practicing yoga when she moved to DC in 2010 and at first she was scared of it. The practice didn't seem like it was "for her," and she was overwhelmed with the number of varieties and stereotypes associated with the practice (she loves cheese, eggs, and sushi, and truly thought she might need to become a vegan to be a yogi!).

After a year of sporadic practice she discovered just how powerful yoga is for healing her stress and anxiety and became hooked. Each yoga class, she fell more in love with the practice and eventually was drawn to teacher training because she wanted to help others find that yoga isn't scary, and doesn't have requirements outside of showing up to your mat and breathing. In 2015, she completed her teacher training at The Studio DC and since then has been working to incorporate some fun and levity into each of her energy building classes.

When she isn't on the mat, Tatenda can be found around the neighborhood with her dog, Benton Malbec, traveling across the country, or chatting about reality tv.

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