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lauren frazier

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Lauren has practiced yoga for over a decade, but became a certified yoga instructor a year ago. She has an immense passion for fitness and knowing one's physical capabilities.

 Through this passion, she became a certified HIIT instructor and Crossfit program instructor. It was the recognition of all the high energy fitness in her life that showed her the need for a restorative and therapuetic physical outlet. She discovered Yin Yoga just over a year ago and it has truly been life changing. Lauren has gotten to know her body from the inside out. This practice truly helps nourish all of one's needs from relaxation after a tough day or week to restoration from hard charging workouts. As a mother of almost 3, Yin has also helped Lauren keep the mobility moms need to get through pregnancy and stay active for themselves and their families. Her hope is to bring the life nourishing affects of the Yin practice to others.

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