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kacey tovornik

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Kacey grew up in nearby Maryland and took her first yoga class at 11 years old with a family friend. While her practice ebbed and flowed over the years, she started practicing regularly several years ago. In 2015 when Kacey found East Side Yoga and the alignment focused practice they offered, her connection with yoga completely changed. She finally learned how to practice yoga the correct way geared toward her body’s unique abilities and limitations - which was crucial to deepening her practice. 


She graduated from ESY’s own first Teacher Training program in February 2018, however only expected to take the program to deepen her own practice, not become a teacher. Since then, she’s fallen in love with sharing the gift of yoga with friends, family, and now ESY’s community (especially those early birds!) Learning the correct way to align yourself in poses and having hands-on adjustments throughout asanas is a key goal that Kacey seeks to bring to her classes.

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