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allie malis


Allie M Prayer Hands Smile.jpg

Allie's yoga practice began in college when a roommate suggested trying a hot Bikram yoga class together. As a basketball player, the intensity appealed to her and Bikram became part of her fitness regimen.

She continued practicing Bikram after college in Seoul, South Korea where she spent a year teaching English. Upon returning to her hometown of Arlington, VA in 2013, she found Tranquil Space and truly began to understand and experience what yoga was all about. Developing a regular Vinyasa practice was key to readjusting back to the US and soon after, her mother, husband and several friends became part of her yogi community.


During her first three years of almost daily Vinyasa practice, teaching yoga never crossed her mind. But when she reconnected with her college roommate, she learned that her former roommate had nearly completed her Vinyasa teaching certification. Until that moment it had never dawned on Allie that perhaps teaching was the next step of her yogic journey. Yoga had enhanced Allie's life both physically and spiritually and she was ready for the new challenge: learning how to share the practice. Allie completed her 200-level training at Tranquil Space in 2016 and 2017.


When Allie is not in yoga pants, she is enjoying her new Capitol Hill neighborhood with her husband and puppy, traveling to as many national parks and foreign countries as possible, working as a flight attendant for a major airline and representing her flight attendant union on Capitol Hill.

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